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U.S. Tax Solutions GmbH specializes in the preparation of U.S. income tax returns for taxpayer's living and working outside the United States. Foreign income and double taxation makes a tax return complicated, requiring in-depth knowledge of the rules for determining taxable foreign income and applying the most beneficial double tax avoidance mechanisms for a taxpayer. Each taxpayer's situation is different, and these rules are not taught in standard tax accounting or CPA training but rather, in the specialized tax practices of the largest global accounting firms. We have exactly the right training and many years experience of assisting taxpayers around the world. We also prepare wholly domestic returns, which standard tax and CPA training deals with; thus, our clients who relocate to the U.S. stay with us, and taxpayers who move abroad but only have income from U.S. sources are also fully supported by our team.

About Us

U.S. Tax Solutions GmbH was established by Darkoa Naito-Hanke, an Enrolled Agent (E.A.) and IRS Registered tax preparer with close to 20 years experience of preparing U.S. income tax returns for taxpayers living and working around the World, to provide U.S. tax services. An E.A. is a United States tax expert, and E.A.s are the only federally licensed tax practitioners who specialize in taxation (CPAs on the other hand are state licensed, and not all of them specialize in taxation). E.A.s have unlimited rights to represent taxpayers before the IRS, similar to Attorneys and CPAs. Darkoa also has a B.A. in International Business and an M.A. in International law and Economics. Our team brings together many years of solid training and experience in accounting and business, in various countries, and, multilingual skills. And we take pride in serving U.S. taxpayers around the world.

Reliable Accounting

We use the latest technologies, including top-of-the-line tax software, to ensure accuracy, high quality output,

and the highest level of data security. 

Our membership of organizations such as the National Association of Enrolled Agents (NAEA), and National Association of Tax Professionals (NATP), ensures that we are up-to-date on the

industry's best practices.

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Amazing Client Service

We continuously aim to maintain a high level of client satisfaction through delivery of quality tax returns and superior client service. It is important to us that our clients properly meet their U.S. tax obligations and pay no more U.S. taxes than they have to.

We will speak with you to understand your filing needs and update you timely on any issues that affect you, with appropriate advice. We will respond promptly to your queries, and assist in resolving your tax issues quickly and efficiently. 

U.S. Tax Consulting

We provide qualified advice on a variety of federal and state tax issues, from filing requirements to international assignment tax planning, and gift and Inheritance taxation to expatriation. We have the expertise to assist you in addressing issues at both the domestic and international levels. Whether you are looking for a tax professional to prepare your tax return or technical tax advice, we are fully equipped to support you.


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